Carol “shudders” at a dealer’s $6500 estimate!

Carol S.’s late model Audi A4 was just outside the original factory warranty by a few hundred miles when she felt jerky acceleration and deceleration as well as a shuddering every time she drove her car.

Her local dealer, Audi of Pembroke Pines, told her she needed to replace her transmission at a cost of over $6500!

Distraught at having to spend this much money on a car that was still relatively new and trouble she called German Car Depot for a second opinion.

GCD’s owner personally asked her a few questions, most importantly, “did you bring your car in to Audi of Pembroke Pines for any similar issues while it was still under warranty?”

Alan “Ollie” Gelfand, president and founder of German Car Depot suggested to Carol that she fax or email her story to the Audi Dealer’s Service Manager, making sure to include the date of the prior covered service. He further suggested she both email the Audi Owner Customer Relations and give them a call at 1-800-FOR- AUDI.

Following Ollie’s advice Carol did just that and was both relieved and surprised when Audi of Pembroke Pines called her back and offered to replace her transmission for only $1000 for fluid and labor.

Carol was happy with Audi of Pembroke Pines and grateful for the advice she received from German Car Depot who took the time to listen. The moral: “a second opinion is always worth the time and effort”.


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