Auto Services That Can Improve Your Gas Mileage

Gas prices seem like they're constantly going up, making it a bigger priority for drivers to squeeze as many miles as possible out of each gallon of fuel. We've put together this list of services that can lead to improvements in your MPG: 

Change Fuel Filter

Changing out a dirty fuel filter for a new one can significantly make a difference in your gas consumption. This will ensure your engine is guzzling the purest and cleanest gas. 

Replace Air Filter

Similar to changing out your gas filter, a new air filter will allow for better airflow in the combustion chamber. As a result, it can prevent your engine from burning up extra fuel as a way to compensate for the lack of air.

Adding New Spark Plugs

Aging spark plugs can lead to engine misfires. Consequently, inefficient spark plugs can waste a lot of fuel.

Adjustments to Tire Inflation

Your tire pressure fluctuates a lot throughout the year, so you must measure them on a regular basis. Make adjustments to your psi so that you're not running on under-inflated tires, which can hurt your MPG.

Use Fuel Additive

A fuel additive can block out harmful impurities from entering your fuel injectors and intake valves. When using a fuel additive, it's important to note that you should only use ones that are suitable for your vehicle. 

Fasten Your Gas Cap

A loose-fitting or missing gas cap can cause the fuel in your tank to evaporate before your car can even use it. You should never forget to twist the lid back on tightly after every pump.


If you need auto services to improve fuel efficiency, you can count on the experts at German Car Depot for the job. We can perform a thorough inspection to determine what's holding your car back. We invite you to our Hollywood auto repair shop today!

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