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Coil Pack Repair in VW and Audi

A coil pack, also known as an engine coil, is a collection of ignition or spark coils that are housed in a single block in Audi and VW engines. Each coil helps transform voltage from the battery by creating an electric spark to ignite the fuel to power an engine. On newer cars, especially those with TDI engines, the ignition coils serve the function that was once performed by the distributor. They are considered a better alternative because, unlike a distributor, they have no moving parts and they are required to fire less frequently. They also produce a better spark, and thus a more reliable “start” than traditional engines. Coil Pack Failure: If you believe you are experiencing a failure of the ignition coils in the coil pack of your Audi or VW, there are a few signs to look out for, such as Engine stalls or vibrates while idling Decreased fuel economy Difficulty starting the engine A drop in RPMs while idling. The first indication of a problem wou ... read more

Independent Service Center for German cars

Independent Service Center for German cars When you are looking for a qualified Independent Service Center to work on your Audi , VW, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Mini Cooper be sure that the company employs mechanics that are properly trained and that the company has a good track record. Most of the time, this means people default to visiting the dealership in which they bought the vehicle. But, this is not always necessary, as an Independent Service Center can provide the same quality repairs and have the solid reputation to back them up. Vehicle owners know that a dealership will have properly trained mechanics, the right parts, and usually a solid reputation. In most cases this is always true. But in many cases, so do Independent Service Centers. This is especially the case with German Car Depot. We have a great rating with the Better Business Bureau, our technicians are specially trained to work onAudi , VW, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Mini and our prices are often much less than tho ... read more



Dipped Headlight Problems in Audi A4

Audi utilizes xenon headlights for a variety of their models, including their popular A4. These xenon lights look very similar to conventional halogen bulbs, but they last longer and produce a much brighter light. These high-intensity lights have been the subject of many complaints by Audi A4 owners, who have labelled it the Dipped Headlight problem. The Dipped Headlight problem essentially is the low-beam in the xenon headlight burning out early, or flickering on and off, or dipping to shine on the pavement. The quickest and cheapest solution is to replace the bulb, but even after that the problem persists and some owners continue to see the “headlight bulb out” message on their dashboard. Aside from a bad bulb, there are a number of other possible causes. These include a faulty headlight sensor in the front wheel well, worn or faulty ballasts, a broken auto leveling sensor (especially if you have recently hit any large potholes or other bumps), or headlight swiveling mo ... read more



Preventable Electrical Problems in Audi

Audi develops some of the most technologically advanced automobiles in the industry, and with so much state-of-the-art features there will inevitably be some small problems. Audi electrical service electrical problems VW – volkswagen Some common problems are due to mechanical errors, but many are due to environmental exposure or human error. Here are two frequent causes of electrical problems in Audi that you can prevent: MMI Unit Spills: Depending on the model of Audi you drive, the MMI unit, or Multi Media Interface, controls many of the features in the car such as sound system, media system, climate control, cameras, parking sensors, and more. The MMI unit is located in the middle console for easy access. Unfortunately, this location is also dangerously close to the cup holder. Many electrical problems have arisen from drivers accidentally spilling drinks on the MMI unit. You can obviously prevent spills and possible MMI damage by using leak-proof cups or a di ... read more


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