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My Audi covered by Warranty do I have to visit the Dealership?

The simple answer is No. Audi into a dealership for repairs under warranty for repair and parts whether you are still covered under an Audi service contract or not. All of your repairs that are covered under warranty will be paid for by the manufacturer. German car Depot is aBosch factory authorized repair center. most Audi’s have a very large amount of Bosch parts.GCD Has the training and know how to fix you car write the first time. Not all independently owned auto repair garages will offer this type of service, but German Car Depot can offer quality repair for less money and in less time than the dealership may be willing to. We give you custom, personalized service and have all the tools and experience you would find at a dealership. If you aren’t sure if your Audi still falls under the warranty, German Car Depot can check for you to see what Audi warranties may apply. Regardless of the warranty coverage, German Car Depot can perform the repairs much more quickly than the ... read more



Does German Car Depot Honor Vehicle Warranties-Service Contracts?

The quick answer is Yes, German Car Depot does honor vehicle warranties service contracts. This is not something that every service center can offer. Certainly your neighborhood mechanic working out of his or her garage cannot offer to cover service under the warranty on your VW or Audi. Even though German Car Depot is not affiliated with Volkswagen or Audi, they can still offer their customers the same professional service as a dealership and often at a cheaper price and in less time too. If you are unsure of whether or not your car is even still covered under warranty that is not a problem. German Car Depot can check to see if your Volkswagen or Audi is still under warranty. We can check the vehicles status with the manufacturer via the VIN number, and see exactly what services and parts are covered. Whether or not your car is protected by a warranty or service contract, German Car Depot can inspect any mechanical issues you may be having with your car and they can provide you wi ... read more

My VW is Under Warranty, do I have to visit the Dealership?

Many people are under the impression that if they have a manufacturer warranty on their Audi or VW, that they have to visit a dealership to get repairs. This is simply not the case. You can take your car to an independent service center, and still get the cost of the work covered. So many people take their car for repairs to the same place that they bought it. This may seem convenient, but that’s not always the case. A local garage like the German Car Depot can perform repairs that are covered under the warranty, without a lot of red tape and paperwork. We handle that all for you, and give you the same quality repairs you’d expect from a dealership. If you are no longer sure if your VW is still covered by the warranty, German Car Depot can also look into that for you and make any necessary repairs. Regardless of whether your car is still covered under its original warranty or service contract, German Car Depot is a trusted name in German auto repair and can get the job don ... read more

Independent Audi Service Center miami

Independent Audi Service Center miami

Independent Audi Repair Near Miami and Fort Lauderdale 954-921-1515 When an automotive Independent Audi Service Center is said to be independent, that means that it is owned by a company or individual and not the vehicle manufacturer. An independent service center, like the German Car Depot in Hollywood, Florida offers expert service and repair exclusively for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. That’s where the affiliation with those two car companies ends. We are not owned by any Audi or VW dealership. As an independent service center. GCD has the many of the same tools and custom made tools and equipment to repair your vehicle, used by trained, experienced mechanics. In fact, at German Car Depot we are a Bosch Certified Car Service Center, many of our employees have worked at dealerships in the past. The only difference is affiliation. And in this case, this is where German Car Depot has the adva ... read more


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