All The Things That Can Kill Your Car Battery

A dead car battery can be troublesome, but there are various ways to prevent it from happening to you. To prevent your battery from dying, you first have to know what causes it to drain. Forget those jumper cables and check out this list of potential reasons why your battery will stop working.


1) You Forget to Turn Your Headlights Off

If your battery keeps dying on you, the first thing you should consider is your light usage. Most cars nowadays have an automatic headlights system. But if your automobile doesn't have this benefit, your headlights may stay on until you turn them off or until your battery is completely depleted.


2) Your Battery Connections Are Loose or Corroded

The positive and negative terminals can sometimes get loose or corroded with wear and tear. If your terminals are the problem, you may have trouble starting the vehicle because your battery can't correctly transmit the electricity needed to power your car. You can stop corrosion from taking place by regularly wiping down your terminals.


3) Extreme Weather

Both freezing and scorching temperatures may be an issue for your battery. High-end batteries are likely to have more protection in harsh environments. But if your battery is old and constantly exposed to extreme cold or warmth, it could weaken or completely kill your battery. 


4) Your Drives Are Too Quick

Igniting the engine takes a substantial amount of power from your battery and other car components. If you're constantly running on short distances, the alternator might not have enough time to restore your battery between your drives. Too frequent short commutes can lead to premature aging of your vehicle battery.


If you can't connect your experiences with any of the situations above, your battery may be too old. Your battery needs replacing at one eventually. If you are tired of relying on jumper cables to get where you need to go, come on over to German Car Depot to have your battery tested. Our expert team can give you accurate readings of your battery's power. And if it's time for a new one, we'll install one suitable for your vehicle. Give us a call or visit our shop!

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