5 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

Most of us have been frightened by the surprise appearance of the check engine light before. We have our fingers crossed that it is an easy and inexpensive fix. At the same time, some of us try to put it off and pretend like it's not even there. The truth is the check engine light could be signaling something more severe like engine damage. This infamous yellow engine light is usually a sign that your car needs repairs. Read below to learn about the five most common reasons why a check engine light might come on.

Your Gas Cap Needs To Be Tightened

This is the easiest fix for a check engine light problem. When a gas cap becomes loose, missing, or impaired, then it can trigger your check engine light. To ensure your gas doesn't evaporate, you should tighten it or replace it if it is missing or damaged. 

You May Need to Replace the Oxygen (O2) Sensor

This kind of problem is a common occurrence, and it can cause your gas mileage to drop up to 40 percent! When this critical sensor malfunctions, you should never neglect its replacement. Ignoring it can cause engine issues down the line.

You Need a New Catalytic Converter

Most vehicle owners don't like this one because it can be a costly repair or replacement. However, you need a catalytic converter to get rid of the toxic gases, like carbon monoxide, from your car. When a catalytic converter fails, it usually means other parts are also affected.

Your Spark Plugs Are Failing

Old spark plugs can activate your engine light sensor. Besides impacting your catalytic converter, faulty spark plugs can lower your fuel economy and cause misfires. They are relatively easy and economical to repair, so please don't put them off.

Your Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor Is Malfunctioning

The MAF monitors the concentration of air entering your engine and determines how much gasoline your engine needs. Not only can it impact your engine performance, but it can spread damage to your O2 sensor, catalytic converter, and spark plugs.


In summary, you should have your check engine light diagnosed as soon as you catch it on your dashboard. If this yellow light remains unchecked, it can lead to other troubles down the line. For check engine light diagnostics on European vehicles in Hollywood, FL, you can count on the trusted team at German Car Depot.

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